how to plot a defined space?

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Tyler on 1 Feb 2014
Answered: Image Analyst on 2 Feb 2014
F11*x^2 + F22*y^2 + F1*x + F2*y + 2*F12*x*y >= 1
I need to graphically represent the above equation over a given domain, all of the F terms are constants (this is the Tsai-Wu criteria for composite laminates)
what function would i use to plot this?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Feb 2014
Do you have to compute it for every value of x and y in a rectangular area? If so, you can use a for loop or meshgrid(), then compute the value "z" or "imageArray" for every value of x and y, then use image() or imshow() to display it. Or you could use surf() to display it as a 2.5D perspective rendering.


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