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Unable to use REFPROP material library

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Shishir Jaiswal
Shishir Jaiswal on 3 Feb 2014
Commented: Ting Liang on 27 Jul 2020
I am trying to use MATLAB code from database of REFPROP ("refrigerant property" a software for calculating refrigeration system performance) to evaluate my system performance.
here is the link which says about how to use refprop matlab codes:
I did this for one of the PC in the lab there it is working fine, but in my system it is not working.
i am getting the following error message
??? Error using ==> refpropm at 264
[SETUP error 101] error in opening
file for component # 1; filename =
(C:\Program Files
I am using the same version of Matlab in both the systems. Please tell me what might have gone wrong...


Nemish on 8 Apr 2014
Hi Shishir, I faced a similar problem; the only problem is you don't have your fluid library in the refprop folder, go to following link, install refprop mini>go to installation directory>copy fluid folder from library>paste it in your refprop dir>You may uninstall refprop.exe afterwards
Ting Liang
Ting Liang on 27 Jul 2020
Hi, excuse me.
thanks for provoding the solution aoove.
I am now confronting the same problem, and also tried the approach mentioned above, but it didn't work, cause I am trying to obtain the properties of air.
could you please help give some advice? thanks.
error in use refpropm (line 267)
[SETUP error 101] error in opening file for component # 1; filename = (C:\Program Files\REFPROP\fluids\AIR.fld).
error TherDymic_Simple_Code (line 23)
h0 = refpropm('H', 'P', P0, 'T', T0, 'AIR')

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