Undefined function or variable

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UTS on 9 Feb 2014
Commented: Mischa Kim on 9 Feb 2014
I got error as stated below, your assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thank you
while (abs(A-B))<50
****** Undefined function or variable 'x'.
Error in ddff (line 7) x

Accepted Answer

Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 9 Feb 2014
Edited: Mischa Kim on 9 Feb 2014
UTS, with those values for A and B you never enter the loop and therefore no values are assigned to x, which is why it is not defined.
One thing you could do is initialize x and y to zero before the loop.
Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 9 Feb 2014
Right, as I pointed out above, with A = 3000 and B = 2000 you never enter the loop, since 3000 - 2000 > 50. Try for example A = B = 3000. Note, however, that you are neither changing A nor B inside the loop. This means that the loop condition is always satisfied and you're stuck in an endless loop.

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