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Automatic Comment Wrapping and Wrap Comment command

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Nick on 11 Feb 2014
Commented: Image Analyst on 13 Apr 2016
When adding a comment at the end of a line of code, R2012b will not automatically wrap the comment when it reaches the "maximum column width" setting in preferences. It works fine for a line that is all comment.
The "wrap comment" command also does not work on the comment after a bit of actual code.
Am I expecting too much?


Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Apr 2016
Probably because no one is using R2012b anymore. We've all upgraded by now.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Feb 2014
That's because it's like you said - it's for comments. At least under R2013a it's under Editor/Debugger->Language->Comment formatting. If you want code, look at the Editor/Debugger->Display->right hand text limit. What is that set for for you? How does it differ from the number for the comment formatting? Are they different or the same number?

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Nick on 11 Feb 2014
Thanks. I am using R2012b. Under Language, maximum column width is set to 75 and "Start from the beginning of line" for comment formatting. Setting "Wrap comments automatically while typing" is checked. Under Display, the right-hand text limit is set to 75 columns. Not really anything else to set there. The issue is the first part of the line sets a variable followed by a too long comment on the same line, e.g.
timevar1 = 20.0; %This comment is going to run past 75 columns
But that comment won't get wrapped at 75 either automatically or when I try to use the button for wrap in the ribbon. Does this feature not work for line that has both code and comment in it?

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