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How to Compute Coordinates Values

Asked by SAMEER ahamed on 12 Feb 2014
Latest activity Answered by Walter Roberson
on 13 Feb 2014
I have Co-ordinates 4 X and 4 Y different values ,so i need to compute single value.
Example : left_x = 20; left_y = 40; right_x =23;right_y =44; bottom_x=44;bottom_y=33;upper_x=122;upper_y= 87; so how to make single value any idea please let me know ?


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Hi, below i have described like Example : left_x = 20; left_y = 40; right_x =23;right_y =44; bottom_x=44;bottom_y=33;upper_x=122;upper_y=87; Example out put : 123 (compute single value).. Note : can I have used compute distance value? pos =[x1 x1 ;y1 y2]; Dist = dist(pos);% here i got result like 76 88 77 43 ,but i need to get single value.
So you are having two 4-by-1 vectors called x and y and you would like to compute their eucledean distance?
Yes , I have two 4-by-1 vectors how i can get single value ?

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 13 Feb 2014
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