Setting static text box's string

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Hi everybody
I create a gui and a after static text box which is named frameText.I want to change it's string with this code .
set(handles.frameText , 'String' , 'abcdefgh' );
But an error occurs.
??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.
What is the reason for this? Thanks for help...

Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 14 Jul 2011
I agree with Paulo. Maybe run a
dbstop if error
and than start your code. You will get into the debug mode when the error is raised. This will help you to figure out the line where the error is thrown and you can look at the variable at this point.

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Jan on 14 Jul 2011
You have created a variable call "set". Then the shown line does not call the built-in command SET anymore, but tries to use the string parameters as indices.

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 14 Jul 2011
Are you really sure that the error is caused by that line of code? I'm not :)

Onur Öçalan
Onur Öçalan on 14 Jul 2011
Thanks for help. I found it. :)

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