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xPC target- multicores not boot

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Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen on 14 Jul 2011
Hi gents,
My xPC target is i3 dual-core 3.3 GHz. However xPC v4.4 (R2010b)and xPC v4.2(R2009b) could not boot in multicore mode.
I have tried to boot the system by using both CD-ROM and local network. If multicore box is unchecked, things are fine. But if multicore check box is checked, the target could not be booted.
Does anyone has the same experience? Is there a solution?
Many thanks,
Long Nguyen


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Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen on 14 Jul 2011
Hi Arnaud,
Thank you for your comments.
There is no error message. If I checked the "Multicore CPU support" check-box in xpcExplorer Setting, the xpctarget machine booted (from LAN or CD) normally at the begining; but at the last booting stage when the screen of the xPC interface was supposed to appear (i.e. giving us information about IP address, error msg, etc.) , I've got nothing, just a black screen so I could not know what the error was.
The hyperthreading and USB controller was disabled.
Long Nguyen
Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 14 Jul 2011
Probably best to contact technical support for this:
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen on 14 Jul 2011
Thanks, Arnaud,
I did that. Wait for a reply.

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Dustin on 22 Aug 2011
I have the same issue with a Core i3-530, Q57 chipset. Booting in single core mode works fine, but booting in multi core mode prevents the kernel from fully booting and showing video. Another user had a similar problem and got a "blame the manufacturer" response.


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