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Why is the Model Configuration Parameters GUI not opening and generating errors in Simulink (R2013b)?

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Felicien Bonnefoy
Felicien Bonnefoy on 19 Feb 2014
Edited: Felicien Bonnefoy on 20 Feb 2014
After creating a new model with S-function and scope, I cannot build the model nor enter the config set dialog. The following error is returned:
"Warning: Detected 1 error in Simulink.ConfigSet.getDialogSchema / Unable to find a compiler / Cannot create config set dialog."
Previously I "mex -setup" and choose the gcc compiler and compiled my S-function Capt.c. Compilation and link are OK. >> mex -f mexopts_gcc.bat Capt.c eib7.lib
I also tried with lcc compiler. Compilation OK but link failed. >> mex -f mexopts_lcc.bat Capt.c eib7.lib
Capt.c S-function uses C-functions inside a dll prvoded with .lib and .h files.
I am confused although I know I am a beginner in S-functions and I might therefore do things the wrong way. Edit: the dll is to use for rapid prototyping with Real-Time Windows Target. It contains a set of function for the communication with an EIB7 box from Heidenhain, which monitor absolute linear encoder LIC 401.


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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 20 Feb 2014
Real-Time Windows Target does not allow you to choose a compiler. It always uses a compiler that is included with the product - this is either Open Watcom or Clang/LLVM, based on product version.
There is not much chance that you will be able to use the DLL in Real-Time Windows Target External Mode (compiled). The reason for that is the DLL is very likely precompiled for Windows, requires Windows (Win32) services and therefore cannot be run inside the real-time kernel. However, you should be able to use the DLL in Normal Mode (uncompiled). Normal Mode does not have the same performance as External Mode has, but, depending on your application, it may be worth trying.


Felicien Bonnefoy
Felicien Bonnefoy on 20 Feb 2014
Dear Jan
Thanks for your answer. It tells me what I can do and what I can't with my DLL and RTWT. It wasn't clear for me, it's OK now.
As you said, we have been able to use the DLL in normal mode only with Matlab 2011b.
I have recently installed the 2013b version, run the 'rtwintgt -setup' to update the kernel. I have played with S-Function builder with the hope it would produce the correct configuration for the External Mode but eventually I failed.
Now ALL models don't build in External Mode with version 2013b with the error "Unable to find a compiler".
Is there any way to reset the Simulink install ? Should I reinstall everything ?
Felicien Bonnefoy
Felicien Bonnefoy on 20 Feb 2014
I have found "Why do I get an error when trying to build or update a Simulink model: Unable to find or locate an installed compiler with Simulink Coder 8.1 (R2011b)?"
I will try in this direction first.
Felicien Bonnefoy
Felicien Bonnefoy on 20 Feb 2014
I also checked the requirements for the eib7.dll I use and I found it needs the following Windows libraries: user32.lib, ws2_32.lib, kernel32.lib.
So it means I can forget about the External Mode...
I have asked Heidenhain to see if the few functions I use in their library actually need the Win32 services.

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