How to Pass Looping Array Cell Values in Java Method List

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Hi, I am new for matlab ,now i want to pass looping values to java method below i have tried my code , but i got error in matlab reference to be cleared variable ?please let me know where i have made mistake ? Below my Java Code :
if true
% code
public static void recordSample(List<Integer> points){
recordedSample.getMatrix().add(points);//Sample class object Getter Method
Below I have Matlab Code :
if true
% code
for i=1:20
matrix{1:i}=[33,22,6544,3335,23,544,5,2] %1-by-8 Matrix values
clear java;
import edu.lipreading.*;%Package
training = TrainingPanel;%Java Class
javaMethod('recordSample',training,matrix{1:i}); %Error reference to be cleared variable
SAMEER ahamed
SAMEER ahamed on 22 Feb 2014
I am new for matlab , now i have 10 frames video file , each frame values i need to stored in xml file ?
I have Matlab Code Below like :
for i=1:10
matrix{1,i}=[leftx,lefty,rightx,righty,uppertx,uppery,bottomx,bottomy];%1-by-8 matrix
Below format i want to stored values please let me know how i can format like ?
example :
<matrix class="vector">

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