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Yousef on 18 Jul 2011
I just started working with SimEvents! I want to build model, in which entities generates by using a operation scheduling from the workspace. This model should map just 24 hours. So I saw (in this forum) I can do that by using the "Event-Based Sequence"-block with the intergeneration times from my operation scheduling and then using a "Time-Based Entity Generator"-block to generate this entities. So for instance a full hour an entity generates Test = [1 2 3 4 ... 23] and I calculate the intergeneration times by using: IntergenTimes = diff(Test). Then I use a server-block for an kind of operation with a service time: for instance it should took 7 minutes (0.1167 Hours) My first question is: - Is this correct? My second question is: - Why do I receive in my "tout" (in the workspace) about 61 times? Or what is tout (it just appears)? - How could I output the new decimal operation scheduling in my workspace?
Thanks in advance!

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Devdatt Lad
Devdatt Lad on 20 Jul 2011
1) For "tout" see Data Import/Export Pane
2) Each SimEvents block has some "Statistics" that it can outputs. You can get the relevant statistic from the Single Server block to see your service operation data and save it to the workspace. See: Accessing statistics from SimEvents blocks

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Yousef on 21 Jul 2011
Thanks a lot this will help me!

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