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Problem with fill and latex interpreter?

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John Mahoney
John Mahoney on 26 Feb 2014
Commented: John Mahoney on 26 Feb 2014
I noticed that I began having trouble with saving figures that contain transparency.
First, the figure appears on the screen as desired. Then just as the figure is being saved, the filled color disappears, leaving just the lines. The image that is saved contains only lines, not the fill.
Eventually discovered that the source of the problem is setting the 'DefaultTextInterpreter' to 'latex'.
Is this a bug?
set(0, 'DefaultTextInterpreter', 'latex')
polyg = rand([2,20]);
h = fill(polyg(1,:), polyg(2,:), 'k');
set(h, 'facecolor', 'r', 'facealpha', 0.5);
print('-dpng', 'test_fill_alpha')
Using Matlab (R2012b) on a Mac OS 10.8.5.


per isakson
per isakson on 26 Feb 2014
What behavior do you put in question?
John Mahoney
John Mahoney on 26 Feb 2014
Thanks, I should have been more explicit in my post. It has been updated.

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Answers (1)

Paul on 26 Feb 2014
I suggest using this excellent tool for exporting figures:
In your case run:
export_fig test_fill_alpha -png
You can add arguments like -transparent for transparent borders and -nocrop for no automatic cropping of the borders.

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John Mahoney
John Mahoney on 26 Feb 2014
Thanks for the suggestion. I do use export_fig when print fails.
My question is more whether or not this should be considered a bug or not.

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