Tiff class is leaking memory, how to solve that problem?

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Let's stay I have a tiff file with 200 directories.
I discovered that the tiff class in matlab is increasingly using memory so that :
for i=1:200
If I follow the memory usage (in R2013b both in win and mac), the memory increases a lot during the for loop as if the entire set of images were stored in memory, even if my code does not save all the images in memory.
When delete(T) is executed, memory is freed.
This is a BIG problem as I can't use the Tiff library to read large files, image one by one and be efficient about memory usage.
Am I doing anything wrong?

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Jerome Lecoq
Jerome Lecoq on 3 Mar 2014
It turns out that if you open the tiff in 'r+' mode. There is no buffering/memory leak. I am going to file a bug report on this.

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