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Clear variables of a function when user interrupts the program using CTRL-C

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edu on 4 Mar 2014
Answered: Walter Roberson on 4 Mar 2014
Hi I've written a GUI toolbox in Matlab. Ones can change input parameters of the program and attain different results. I was searching for a method to clear all variables when program terminates at it's end. I can use clear or clear all in the end of the program but when user tries to interrupt the program intentionally then variables of the program wouldn't be cleared at all. These variables might affect performance of the program when user wants to run the program for second or third time. I'm searching for a way which I can clear all the variables in any program termination case (i.e. reaching to the end line of the program, using CTRL-C by the user and any unforeseen way which can interrupt the program). Can anybody help me?


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