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Kay on 21 Jul 2011
Hi everyone,
I am using the DAQ toolbox to build a negative feedback system. Anyhow, Is there any method to stop the ai by typing stop(ai); ? I want to stop the data acquisition by hand instead of setting the SamplePerTrigger.
Thank you, Kay

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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 21 Jul 2011
Hi Kay,
This is possible. Here is some sample code:
ai = analoginpt(....);
% Add channels and set it up
% Use SamplesPerTrigger property to achieve this by setting it to Inf
ai.SamplesPerTrigger = Inf;
% This will continue unless a stop(ai) command is issued
Documentation link for SamplesPerTrigger
You may also want to refer to 'Continuous Acquisition Using Analog Input' demo in the documentation that covers the same scenario
Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 21 Jul 2011
After running the stop(ai) command, check the value of ai.Running
or isrunning(ai)

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