how to find mean absolute difference between two blocks of different images???

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sir, first i want to find out the displacement between two similar blocks of different image frames. for that i need to compare the blocks of two images , to find the best matching block usine mean absolute difference(MAD)... what i have to do???

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Mar 2014
There is also a Median Absolute Deviation which is more robust to outliers than the Mean absolute deviation. I have a demo for that it you want. Otherwise
madBlock = mean2(abs(double(block1) - double(block2)));
For color images, you'd have to do it for each color channel because mean2() works on 2D images, not 3D color images.
madBlockR = mean2(abs(double(block1R) - double(block2R)));
madBlockG = mean2(abs(double(block1G) - double(block2G)));
madBlockB = mean2(abs(double(block1B) - double(block2B)));
And there is the FAQ for dividing an image into blocks (two different ways):

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Nitin on 20 Mar 2014
You can find a nice implementation of the above here


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