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@struct method not being found

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I have written a number of extensions to the Matlab struct type, which I have stored in a directory called @struct. One of these methods is declared as follows:
function D=moddata(D,Field,Fn,new)
in which Fn is a function handle.
However, I am seeing the following behavior:
K>> which moddata
C:\Users\...\util\@struct\moddata.m % struct method
K>> isa(S,'struct')
ans =
K>> moddata(S,'Path',@(x)regexprep(x,my_RE,'$1'),'CIPath')
Error using keyboard
Undefined function 'moddata' for input arguments of type 'function_handle'.
Other methods in the @struct folder are being accessed just fine.
Why is Matlab not finding my method? It seems to be unduly focusing on the function_handle instead of the struct argument.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Brandon Kuczenski
Brandon Kuczenski on 2 Apr 2014
I have been advised by Matlab support that this is expected behavior, because function_handle has higher precedence than struct- even though struct is the first argument- a function_handle method is sought.

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