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Import recorded binary data file to simulink

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Bac VU
Bac VU on 29 Mar 2014
Edited: Bac VU on 29 Mar 2014
Hello, I have a binary data file, which is recorded from a sensor. It's quite big, about several Gb. Data of the file has sample time and bit-width of. In Matlab I can open and read it some values of the file by functions fopen, and fread...but not all the file. Because it's too big - memory consume, and takes long time.
Can I open it in Simulink with certain sample time? For example, I want sample time 1 microsecond, so "the Simulink block" reads its values every milisecond - one by one. In others words, is there any block, which can present the file just like the signal, from which it is recorded. I need do some DSP with it. Thanks,


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