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Finding diag of two cells

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Bahareh on 25 Jul 2011
I have two cells(a and b) each with size 1x4 and each of them contains 2x1 matrix in each of its columns. I would like to find diag([a b]) to get a 2x2 matrix but it seems that diag() is not defined for cell. Can anybody tell me what I should do?
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Nathan Greco
Nathan Greco on 25 Jul 2011
What 2x2 matrix are you looking for? diag([a b]) would provide a 2x1 matrix. Are you looking for [diag(a) diag(b)]? When asking questions, please provide sample inputs with an example of the expected result.

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Accepted Answer

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 25 Jul 2011
cellfun(@diag,[a b],'uni',0)
Bahareh on 25 Jul 2011
Fantastic!!! Thanks.

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Nathan Greco
Nathan Greco on 25 Jul 2011
Does this work for you?
diag(cell2mat([a b]))
Note that the solution is the same as:
diag([a{1} a{2}])
To get the diag of both a and b, do this:
[diag(cell2mat(a)) diag(cell2mat(b))]
Jan on 26 Jul 2011
@Nathan: But without doubt Bahareh is very polite and thanked your repeatedly. It was obviously not his intentention to waste your time.

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