connecting arduino with matlab through bluetooth

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enas on 4 Apr 2014
Commented: Hafizi Ahmad on 23 May 2021
IAm doing a project about speech recoginition(controll some kind of device by my speech ), I wrote the code already , what Iam trying to do are :
Using MATLAB to create appropriate control outputs
Using a wireless channel to send the control data to Arduino
Using Arduino to control some type of devices, such as a servo motor
My main concerns are whether the bluetooth modules will be able to receive the data from MATLAB and how ? I do not have much experience at Arduino at all so any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to make sure I buy the correct module that will be able to link with MATLAB. someone advise me of which modules would work?
Hafizi Ahmad
Hafizi Ahmad on 23 May 2021
Can i get information the tools that i can use from MATLAB to test bluetooth network perfromance

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Answers (2)

kintali narendra
kintali narendra on 20 Sep 2016
Hi Enas,
You can use Bluetooth to transmit the commands from Matlab to Arduino, there are different Bluetooth modules which you can use. For example "JY-MCU" is a slave which can only receive data from master(matlab or Arduino-IDE). To communicate with matlab you need to install "Instrument control toolbox" package in matlab. Rest of the details regarding coding can be found in the below link.
sudhakar shinde
sudhakar shinde on 10 Jun 2018
Try to add bluetooth device in your laptop bluetooth section and try once. may be it will work for you.

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sudhakar shinde
sudhakar shinde on 10 Jun 2018
MATLAB supports for Aurduino. you need to insatall support package from add-ons to run MATLAB code on arduino target hardware. you can use HC-05 or HC-06 bluetooth module.
To get familarise with bluetooth communication through MATLAB you can check below link

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