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startup.m file sequence

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My startup file is as below
cd ('C:\Documents and Settings\Seetha Rama Raju S\Desktop\Dr. Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala\Not directly connected\ssrr\MATLAB') diary xxx Whoareyou=input('Identify yourself\n', 's');
As such I expect once MATLAB is invoked, Iexpect MATLAB to chage the directory first to the above, then start the diary and ask to identify.
But I noticed that till the user enters the answer to the prompt the directory is not changed. Without executing the first line ( change directory) how is it coming to the line of prompt.
Best regards, Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala


Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 11 Apr 2014
Are your sure? Can you execute "pwd" or "cd" right after changing?
Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala
Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala on 27 Jul 2014
You are right. If I do pwd or cd it is showing that it is changing immediately. But when you look at the current folder space in MATLAB window it is updated only after I enter the answer to the prompt. Good check you suggested. Is there a way I can accept your comment as answer. Also, what could be the reason the current folder is not updated. immediately after the change.

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Jeffrey Chiou
Jeffrey Chiou on 25 Jun 2014
Edited: Jeffrey Chiou on 25 Jun 2014
Hi Seetha,
I believe this happens because, in recent versions of MATLAB, startup.m runs during the compilation process. See my response here for full details (in response to a similar question)
To summarize, edit this line in the block that calls startup in matlabrc.m:
if ismcc || ~isdeployed
to this:
if ~(ismcc || isdeployed)
Note: I am not sure if this will cause any adverse effects. Editing matlabrc.m is discouraged.
Edit: If it still doesn't work, try adding
while ismcc, end
if ~ismcc
in startup.m

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Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala
Seetha Rama Raju Sanapala on 27 Jul 2014
Thank you very much Jeffrey Chow! Your answer "compilation" is a bit technical for me. I will let you know after I make the changes you suggested.

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