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How to control SERVO MOTOR using MATLAB and 16f877a PIC microcontroller

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Paulo on 29 Jul 2011
I need to control the movement of the servo motor by using MATLAB and 16f877a PIC microcontroller. I already have the schematic diagram and code for PIC to control the servo motor without the use of MATLAB. I understand that this need interfacing. And the only one that I could use is my USB ports. How can MATLAB communicate with the PIC? Thanks!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jul 2011
What frequency and latency do you need in order to control the motor for your purposes? USB is not easy to get beyond 125 KHz or less than 40 ms latency.
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Paulo on 2 Aug 2011
my professor did not tell what to do, he only said to have it move. So I guess a little movement from it will be enough

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