Undefined function or variable 'filename'.

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Iris on 21 Apr 2014
Edited: Iris on 26 Jun 2014
I've written some functions to numerically integrate the equations of motion of a double pendulum. It is a first order differential equation (like ydot = f(t,y)). I am writing my own numerical integration (as part of an assignment). Now here's the thing:
The matrices used to solve for ydot (the derivative of the state) are created with the symbolic toolbox. Because I do not want to use 'subs' each time before I solve, because it is very slow, I have used 'diary' to create an m-file frmatrix.m that simply states: fr = [blabla]; So when I run it, with the variables in my workspace, it simply creates the matrix fr. I do this for an Mr and an fr because I want to calculate Mr\fr. The lines are below eachother but I get an error for fr: Undefined function or variable 'frmatrix'. It has done exactly the same for 'Mrmatrix' which doesn't fail. I have checked and all.. the name is correct and frmatrix.m exists. Now here's the thing: if I restart matlab, it works fine. If i put a keyboard in the loop so I have to press f5 on every iteration, it works. But it will work only once after restarting matlab. if i run it again, i get the error again. even if i delete frmatrix.m
I really have no clue why this is happening so I hope anyone can help me out?
Kind regards, Iris
ps. below is a minimum working example, I hope it is clear. It consists of 2 separate m-files.
function tmt(par)
syms m I l g
syms p1 p2 p1d p2d
%%%%%%%Symbolic Mr and fr are created here, I left it out for simplicity %%%%%%%
% variables m,I,l and g are given a value
m = par.m;
I = par.I;
l = par.l;
g = par.g;
% The symbols of m, I, l and g in Mr and fr are subsituted with the values
Mr = subs(Mr);
fr = subs(fr);
% the files Mrmatrix.m and frmatrix.m are created.
if exist('Mrmatrix.m', 'file')
! del Mrmatrix.m
diary Mrmatrix.m
disp('Mr = ['), disp(Mr), disp('];');
diary off
if exist('frmatrix.m', 'file')
! del frmatrix.m
diary frmatrix.m
disp('fr = ['), disp(fr), disp('];');
diary off
function statederivative = eom(t,state,par)
p1 = state(1);
p2 = state(2);
p1d = state(3);
p2d = state(4);
frmatrix; % HERE IT FAILS!!!
qdd = double(Mr\fr);
statederivative = [state(3); state(4); qdd];
Iris on 26 Jun 2014
The symbolic toolbox is used here to derive the equations of motion which is not the same as numerically integrating them.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 21 Apr 2014
Edited: Jan on 21 Apr 2014
It is cruel to check the existence of a file by exist(name, 'file') without using an absolute path. It is cruel to delete a file by !del name, especially when no absolute path name is used. Creating a new file by disp and diary is even more cruel. Better:
folder = cd; % for example the current folder, better define it explicitly
name = 'fmatrix.m';
fid = fopen(fullfile(folder, name), 'w');
if fid == -1, error('Cannot open file for writing.'); end
fprintf(fid, 'fr = [%s];\n', fr);
This is much more direct.
If the created cannot be found, try clear fmatrix and / or rehash .
Prefer to create the m-file in a folder, which is contained in Matlab's path.
Iris on 26 Jun 2014
Edited: Iris on 26 Jun 2014
It has been a while but I now know that matlabFunction solves my problem. Thanx for your answer though, it certainly helped me understand things better. I'll accept the answer. It may be a solution for others and it includes my solution in this comment.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Apr 2014
You need to
if you create a .m on the fly and want to execute it.
Iris on 26 Jun 2014
Thanx for your reply. It has been a while but unfortunately this did not do the trick although I do not remember why exactly

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