Plot a line below existing traces

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Tobin Fricke
Tobin Fricke on 30 Jul 2011
Suppose I have an axis that already contains a number of traces made using the plot command. I want to annotate my graph using "line", but I want these lines to be under the existing traces. Is there a way to specify the plotting order?

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Tobin Fricke
Tobin Fricke on 30 Jul 2011
Found one solution:
L = line(x, y);
uistack(L, 'bottom');
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Jul 2011
Note that that solution will not work for OpenGL: for OpenGL, if you have a surface and a line in the same plane, then OpenGL itself defines the drawing order. Unfortunately some graphics cards or graphics drivers get the defined order exactly backwards. Therefore if you are using OpenGL, you are better off giving specific Z coordinates so that the objects do not lie in the same plane.

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