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How to get image files from subdirectories with in a directory?

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Bilal Barki
Bilal Barki on 7 May 2014
Edited: Roberto on 7 May 2014
In matlab i want to access all the images of the extension ".hdr" from subdirectories which in turn are in a directory. And consequently all the image-names must be returned in a cell with one row and many columns, depending upon the number of images.I already used 'getAllFile' but I couldn't get the desired results. Please help me with any other idea. Thank you :-)

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Roberto on 7 May 2014
Edited: Roberto on 7 May 2014
to get the files from a folder try this:
selDossier = uigetdir; % ask for the folder
searchedExtension = '.hdr' ;
cd(selDossier); % go to the folder
currentFile = dir ; % read folder's content
selectedFile = {} ;
for i = 1:numel(currentFile) % look for files
if ~currentFile(i).isdir % discard subfolders
if strcmpi(currentFile(i).name(end-4:end),searchedExtension)
selectedFile{end+1} = currentFile(i).name ; %filename
of curse you can create a recursive function that returns all files while there's a subfolder in current folder!, that's some extra code you must write!

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