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fast binomial random numbers

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Ariel Balter
Ariel Balter on 3 Aug 2011
I hate to ask this, because I'm asking someone to do my work for me. Could someone help me write a fast binomial random number generator?
I have written this:
function X = binom(N,p)
X = sum(rand(1,N)<p);
which is about 3x faster than the built-in vectorized version.
I would like to write a compiled c version, but I basically know nothing about c.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 3 Aug 2011
Try using the GUI from
if you have it installed.
or just
mcc -m binom.m
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 3 Aug 2011
The compiler configuration is invoked by
mbuild -setup

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Aug 2011
If you cannot get MATLAB to see lcc win32, then you may be using the 64 bit version of MATLAB. See here for the 2011a Windows 64 list. Please note that there are two pieces of software to install for Windows 64: be sure to read the notes!
Ariel Balter
Ariel Balter on 3 Aug 2011
I am running x64, so that may explain the lcc problem. Although, there appears to be a x64 version of lcc.
I tried installing Visual C++ 2010 Express and Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4. I never got asked for an option for x64. Seems like maybe I need visual studio, which is not free.
I appreciate all the help. But, this is getting way beyond the scope of compiling my one line program!
Sounds like the problem starts with my Matlab not having the default compiler.
Oh well.

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