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MCR dll 7.16 32-bit 64-bit Windows 7

Asked by Carsci
on 19 May 2014
Latest activity Answered by Dhanyatha on 30 Jun 2014


I use R2011B on a 32-bit installation on Windows 7. Where can I find the files for the MCR dll that I can send to customers so they can run compiled scripts.

Are their different 32-bit and 64-bit versions?

I knew how to do this for R2007B on 32-bit but now I am stuck.

I can install 64-bit if it helps but just dont use it for other reasons.


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2 Answers

Answer by Dhanyatha on 30 Jun 2014
 Accepted Answer

For MATLAB R2011b and all other older versions, you can find the path to MCR installer file by running the following command on MATLAB command prompt.

>> mcrinstaller

You can share the mcrinstaller.exe file present in the path to your customers.

You can also package the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) along with the application you want to deploy. In this method, when the client runs the deployed application, the installation of MCR is triggered in the beginning followed by deployment of the application.

Note: You will not be able to deploy applications if there is any mismatch between version and bitness of MATLAB (used for compilation) and MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR). It is important that you chose the correct MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) with same version and bitness as MATLAB (used for compilation).

For versions R2012a and onwards, customers can download the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) file here on the MathWorks website.


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Answer by David Sanchez
on 19 May 2014


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