How do I change the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that MATLAB is using for Linux?

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MathWorks Support Team on 28 Mar 2024 at 0:00
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By default, Linuxversions of MATLAB ship with the Oracle® version 8 Java Virtual Machine™ (JVM). However, you have the option to attempt to use other JVMs. MATLAB supports OpenJDK Java 8 for releases R2020a and later and since R2023a, MATLAB also supports OpenJDK Java 11.  More details about what specific applications are supported for the most recent MATLAB release are listed on the following page:
MATLAB Interfaces to Other Languages
MATLAB is fully supported only for these specified versions of the JVM software. Some components may not work properly under a different version of the JVM software. For example, calling functions in a dynamically linked library that was created with a different JVM software version than that used by MATLAB might cause a segmentation violation error message.
If you choose to change the JVM software version used by MATLAB, follow the instructions below based on the release of MATLAB you are using.


R2021b and newer

Please follow the instructions from our jenv documentation page in the link below.
Note: MATLAB_JAVA takes higher precedence over jenv/matlab_jenv when both are set.


R12 and newer

On csh or tcsh shells, use the "setenv" command to set the MATLAB_JAVA environment variable. For example:
setenv MATLAB_JAVA <JRE path>
This command needs to be run in every new shell window.


On the bash shell, execute:
export MATLAB_JAVA=<JRE path>
This setting will apply to MATLAB launched from that shell window.


Verifying the Installation 

To verify that MATLAB is using the correct version of the JVM software, type the following at the MATLAB prompt:
>> version -java


If MATLAB is not using your value of MATLAB_JAVA, you may need to logout and log back in again.
Other Operating Systems/Platforms 
To change the JVM MATLAB uses for other systems, use the following links.



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