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Builder Ex - compiling with .mat file included using Excel Compiler

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Excel returns an error when i try to use an add-in compiled from MATLAB.
I have a function which pulls and returns data from a local .mat file. I included the function as a Class, and the .mat file as shared resources in the Deployment Tool. I then built/packaged them into an .exe file. After installing the package, I add the module from within Excel. When i run the function from the Command Window, it is fine. But when I try to use the command from Excel, which it recognizes, I get the error "Error in RetStocks.Class1.1_0:", RetStocks being the name of the function.
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Accepted Answer

Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 26 Aug 2013
If you want to use your compiled component in Excel, you will have to compile it into an Excel add-in, not as an exe. This option can be selected from the dropdown when using deploytool.

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