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where did tstool go?

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Stephen on 29 May 2014
Commented: Stephen on 29 May 2014
I just updated to release 14a from a much older version and find that the tstool GUI has been removed. This was really nice for making lag correlation plots etc. Is there something to replace this utility? thanks


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Udit Gupta
Udit Gupta on 29 May 2014
This is from the documentation
"tstool will be removed in a future release.
To create a time series object, use timeseries. To create a time series collection with one or more timeseries objects, use tscollection. To open a time series object or collection in the Variables editor, use openvar. To plot a time series object, use plot. tstool(sldata) and tstool(ModelDataLogs,'replace') have been removed. To view logged signal data, use the Simulink® Simulation Data Inspector instead."


Stephen on 29 May 2014
Hi - thanks - I got this far but it doesn't help with producing lag correlation plots...
Stephen on 29 May 2014
thanks - i can make the plot now(!) but I'd love to know why the Matlab developers got rid of a useful GUI like tstool!!

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