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Forward CUDA printf output to the MATLAB console

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I am wrapping CUDA code in a mex file. I have printfs in my CUDA kernel, and I want to see the output from those printfs, ideally in the MATLAB console, but at least somewhere.
Just calling printf, whether within a CUDA kernel or in a normal C/C++ file (avoiding mexPrintf) doesn't get output to the MATLAB console or to the program output window of an attached debugger such as Visual Studio. Perhaps it's just a question of piping stdout somewhere.
Please note that using mexPrintf is not an option here - it won't work in the CUDA kernel. Please also note that I don't have any add-on toolboxes.


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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford on 5 Jun 2014
There might be a way to redirect output from stdout in a mex file ( see this question ), but I haven't been able to get it to work on Windows yet.
What I was able to use was the old cuPrintf code which came before the CUDA printf, and is still available in the CUDA SDK sample "simplePrintf", and redirect the output to a file.

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Thomas Pohl
Thomas Pohl on 2 Oct 2017
How did you do the redirection to a file? I managed to call cuPrintf inside the kernel but I cannot find the output it creates in Visual Studio.

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