Waterfall plot of a time series data

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Shreya on 4 Jun 2014
Edited: Shreya on 4 Jun 2014
I want to create a waterfall plot of a daily temperature time series data against months of the x-axis, depth on the y-axis and years on the z-axis. My daily temperature data is in netcdf format. The data is a daily temperature data from Nov 2007 to May 2014 over 15 different levels of depth. I wish to contour the vertical temperature profile over 3 tempearature isotherms and average the dailty data to monthly mean. I wish to use the plot to see temperature anomaly (peaks and dips) over the period of years given on the y-axis.

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 4 Jun 2014
You can use ncread to access your data within the netcdf file. ( From MATLAB documentation )
peaksData = ncread('example.nc','peaks');
peaksDesc = ncreadatt('example.nc','peaks','description');
Not knowing how your data is structured within the netcdf renders a better answer impossible.

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