Reduce the size of a vector

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I wanto to convert a vector 1x45000 to a vector 1x36000 and a vector of 1x27000 to a vector 1x36000 How can I do it?
Roger Wohlwend
Roger Wohlwend on 5 Jun 2014
I don't understand the question. You want to convert a vector with 45'000 elements to one with 36'000 elements? What does that mean? I suppose you don't want to delete 9'000 elements?

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Accepted Answer

Rafael Freire
Rafael Freire on 5 Jun 2014
This is what I wanted...Thank you guys
a=resample(b, 45001,36001);

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 5 Jun 2014
vect_45 = rand(1,45000); % your 1x45000 array
vect_36 = vect_45(:,1:36000);
vect_27 = rand(1,27000); % your 1x27000 array
vect_36_b = [vect_27 zeros(1,9000)]; % you have to add elements to fill the gaps between 27000 and 36000, I added zeros

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