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Subscripting into an mxArray

Asked by ECE09 ITBHU on 8 Aug 2011
Latest activity Commented on by zeng xiao on 11 Apr 2017
given below is a part of the code i am writing for kalman filter but got error while converting from .m to .c/.c++
Q=[q1(L) q2(L) q3(L)]
and got following error while converting from .m to .c using matlab coder.
"Subscripting into an mxArray is not supported. "
how to avoid it?


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1 Answer

Answer by Mike Hosea
on 9 Aug 2011
 Accepted Answer

That is the error you get when you use coder.extrinsic and fail to declare the output before calling the extrinsic function. If you only want to pass the output to extrinsic functions, you don't have to, but if you want to index into the result, you have to pre-define its size and type. For example, suppose foo(x) returns a result with the same size and type as x. Then you could write
y = x;
y = foo(x);
Or if foo always returns a 4-by-1 array of int32's, you would write
y = zeros(4,1,'int32');
y = foo(x);
This tells the compiler how to deconstruct the data structure that comes back from MATLAB when the function foo is called with x as input. -- Mike


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on 17 Aug 2013
@Rod: Please post a new question in a new thread, and not as comment to an answer of a similar question.
During code generation, I keep getting the error -
' CODER.VARSIZE is not applicable to 'mxArray '. '
Has anyone encountered this/ know a way around this?
Here is a screenshot of the code generation error report :
zeng xiao on 11 Apr 2017

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