How can I force MatLab to display integers in function sprintf ?

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Julia on 10 Jun 2014
Commented: Stephen23 on 3 Mar 2015
I would like to save graphs in a loop and use sprintf to change the file names, but don't want to have decimal places because this destroys the file extension. The loop is:
for i=1:5
x = [0 ; 0.44; 1.1; -1,1; -0.44];
sprintf('Graph %2d.png',x(i)*100)
When I use x(3) =1.1 sprintf('Graph %2d.png',x*100) gets displayed as " Graph 1.100000e+02 ". The same problem does not occur with sprintf('Graph %2d.png',110). If x = 0.44 is also works fine. How can I force MatLab to display integers for every number?
Thanks for your help!!

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 10 Jun 2014
Due to the limits of floating point arithmetic, 1.1*100 is not precisely represented as 110.
You could try
Stephen23 on 3 Mar 2015
Actually sprintf already preforms a round operation internally, so adding an explicit round is unnecessary and just slows it down. If you want to guarantee that the output does not use exponent notation, then %.0f format is best:
>> sprintf('%03.0f',456.9)
ans = 457
Note the rounding!

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Devaraja Lakshmanappa
Devaraja Lakshmanappa on 3 Mar 2015
I had used mprintf function in my program,but i am getting error saying this function is not there in matlab7.0.2.


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