Reproducible research: tracking experiments / logbook of past .m file executions

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Dear MATLAB users,
is there any accepted strategy for tracking experiments in MATLAB? I think of using some kind of "logbook" that lists all past executions of an .m file, possibly combined with version control...
Best regards, Philipp

Answers (2)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Jun 2014
My approach would be to create a mat-file that the ‘.m’ file writes at each execution. As for version control, you could create a ‘version’ variable of update date strings and perhaps comments (cell array) that would be appended to the mat-file each time the ‘.m’ file ran.

Jonathan A
Jonathan A on 2 Sep 2019
Hi Philipp,
My answer might come a little bit late, but in case someone else needs it, I uploaded a lightweight scientific workflow tool I am always using to manage and track information (data and function executions) in my experiments.
With this, it is possible to call the following method:;
This displays the last time each function of your experiment changed. Hope this helps.

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