Significance of the (.) operator

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Debdipta on 20 Jun 2014
Answered: David Sanchez on 20 Jun 2014
When I have to integrate a function of x such as : @(x)(normpdf(x).*payoff(s(x)))
Why do I need to use the (.) operator before the (*) operator?
Can someone please help?
I am using the R2011a version

Answers (2)

SRI on 20 Jun 2014
HI refer from this link this may will give a clear idea for you

David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 20 Jun 2014
The means the product is performed element-wise in both matrices on wither side of the product sign:
a=[1 2 3];
b=[2 3 4];
c =
2 6 12
You would not need a dot this case:
d =
2 4 6
the multiplication factor is a scalar and it will apply to every element of a.

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