MATLAB fnc to control PWM generator

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Stephen on 14 Aug 2011
Commented: Janani Baskaran on 10 Nov 2016
How can I use a duty cycle result from a MATLAB fnc to control the duty cycle of a PWM generator, using Simulink.

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Stephen on 14 Aug 2011
I got it working... it was a scale problem. Instead of duty cycle = 0 to 1, my MATLAB fnc was outputtng duty cycle = 0 to 100.
After fixing my problem, I simply connected the MATLAN fnc to the input of the PWM generator and success.
Janani Baskaran
Janani Baskaran on 10 Nov 2016
Hi can you tell me how to control the duty cycle of PWM using the output from PID Controller in Simulink.

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bijeta Chakraborty
bijeta Chakraborty on 11 Mar 2012
Hello Stephen,
Can you please guide me as to how you can control a Duty Ratio of PWM in Simulink by using the stored values of Duty Ratio from MATLAB.
Looks like you have already done this so please help ? Any inputs would be helpful.
regards bijeta

Shawn Chang
Shawn Chang on 19 Jun 2012
Hi Stephen,
I wish to generate pwm signal and send it to the microcontroller through the serial communication. Can you aid me on how you generated the pwm signal? Thanks. Your help is much appreciate.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Jun 2012
Serial communications protocols use fixed bit-widths, and so are not able to convey the variable pulse widths needed for Pulse Width Modification. Not unless what you send is a _description_ of the pulses.

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