How can I save a .dat file?

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John on 23 Jun 2014
Answered: mario rivera on 10 Apr 2016
I opened a .dat file for reading on Matlab. It is shown as 2 tables on Matlab , one is one-dimension with the names of the variables and the other has all the values of the variable. I changed some (10) values on Matlab and now I want to save it as a new .dat file , or just save the changes to the old. Can you help me?? thanks
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José-Luis on 23 Jun 2014
There is no universal ".dat" format. Usually, it means that the file stores text. So, depending on the complexity of structure used to store said data, you could use some high-level io routines ( dlmwrite(), save '-ascii' ) or you might be forced to go low-level ( fprintf() ).

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Answers (2)

David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 23 Jun 2014
take a look at the documentation of fprintf
doc fprintf
You will find right what you need

mario rivera
mario rivera on 10 Apr 2016
Hello, I have saved a 3D matrix(22x23x27) using succesfully save "matrixname".dat. But when I try to load the file again in another script, the matrix showned is a 2D matrix (283251x9). How can I fix this mess?

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