How can I compile a function that uses a modified INPUTDLG function?

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Ben on 15 Aug 2011
Hi all,
I am using a modified INPUTDLG function, newid.m. The function needs to be saved in the same directory as the INPUTDLG function in order to work - "Since it is dependent on several private functions, newid.m will only work if stored in this location." I'm now trying to compile a function that utilizes newid.m using deploytool, but my executable throws an error whenever it calls newid. Is there a way to include a function that needs to be in the toolbox path?

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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta on 15 Aug 2011
Just a thought: What if you included inputdlg? (also make sure that newid is being included)
Something like: mcc -m yourmainFucn.m -a inputdlg.m -a newid.m
Another thought: In your main function, you could include inputdlg like:
if (false)
Another solution might be to use function pragma in your code
%# function inputdlg

Ben on 15 Aug 2011
Thanks for the suggestions, Chirag. It looks like newid.m relies on two private functions, getnicedialoglocation.m and setdefaultbutton.m, so just including those along with newid.m appears to work.
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Mobasshir Hossain Akash
Mobasshir Hossain Akash on 12 Jun 2018
Can you upload those two function here? I modified my code and found the same error.

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