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xPC Target error: ERROR: EtherInit: EtherID 1: Binning Error 776

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I'm getting the error listed above when trying to execute an xPC model. The same model runs fine if I remove one of the Ethernet Initialization blocks. Interestingly, the block I remove is not the one with the EtherID listed in the error (the error always gives EtherID 1).
Does anyone else have experience with this issue?


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Chethan Pandarinath
Chethan Pandarinath on 26 Jun 2014
It turns out this issue was solved by increasing the Network Buffer sizes under the Buffer Mngmt blocks. The model ran without issue after setting the Buffer pool sizes to: [8196 512 4096 65535]
They were previously set at the default values for the Buffer Mngmt block.
Side note: because this is a concurrent model, with multiple model reference subsystems, there are Ethernet Initialization and Buffer Mngmt blocks within multiple model reference subsystems. To get the model to work, I had to change the pool sizes in all Buffer Mngmt blocks to match the above values.
This is under Matlab R2012b.


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