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When using the MATLAB Coder to create a .mex-file, the "Code Style" settings in the GUI settings menu are not available. They only appear to be available when generating a Static Library, Dynamic Library, or Executable.
My specific issue with this is that I not longer have access to the "Maximum Identifier Length" setting. Because I can't increase this from 31, some fields in structures in my code are being mangled, which means that the typedefs don't match external code that is trying to interface with those typedefs.
Is there any other way to change the maximum identifier length setting?

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 2 Jul 2014
Using coder.cstructname is one means of integrating structs which are also used in external code. You could define the structure type in a header file, customDefs.h and then include the definition of that header in your MATLAB code like so:
function y = foom(x)
coder.cstructname(x, 'customImportedStruct', 'extern', 'HeaderFile', 'customDefs.h');
y = 2*x.fieldWithVeryVeryVeryVeryLongName;
and generate code:
str.fieldWithVeryVeryVeryVeryLongName = 12; codegen foom -args str -c -report
You will see that the field names are preserved and that the file foo_types.h includes customDefs.h.
This approach also lets you hand-tailor the typedef for your structure so that it is predictable and consistent across the generated code and your external code.
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Greg on 2 Jul 2014
Thanks, that works well. I had actually already been using the coder.cstructname function, but hadn't thought to give it an external header file.

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