PLL examples some don't work powerlib problem

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I downloaded a set of PLL examples, some work fine but fractional_6.mdl returns 2 errors: 1.- Model error: Source unknown, reported by Simulink Summary: Failed to load library 'powerlib' by 'fractional_6/RC_Charge_Pump1/27nF' 2.- Unable to load block diagram 'powerlib'
tried downloading in right directory, rehashed toolboxcashe but didn't work.
Do I have to purchase powerlib, is it included in simscape, or may I download it from
Thanks in advance for time and attention, awaiting answer.

Accepted Answer

Suneesh on 7 Jul 2014
'powerlib' is part of the SimPowerSystems product. You may be missing that product. Contact MathWorks Technical Support to obtain a trial if needed.

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