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put time stamp on video using videowrite

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Hemmings Wu
Hemmings Wu on 21 Aug 2011
Edited: Mr Smart on 3 Dec 2013
Dear all,
I'm using videowrite function to capture video from usb cams (4 simultaneously). I would like to know if it's possible to superimpose a time stamp on this video (I'm sure it's possible, but just don't know how).
Any suggestion/comment/solution is welcome :)

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Chaowei Chen
Chaowei Chen on 21 Aug 2011
clc;clear;close all
vid = videoinput('winvideo', 1);
vid.FrameGrabInterval = 1;
vid_src = getselectedsource(vid);
figure; start(vid)
while true %(vid.FramesAcquired<=100) % Stop after 100 frames
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Mr Smart
Mr Smart on 3 Dec 2013
Hello.... Mr.Chaowei Chen . I run this code...but movie does not stop...for a long time. How can I set movie time about (10 sec). My aim was to record movie from laptop webcam to computer in matlab with duration (10 sec or can change). If you know , please help me.. thanks Mr.Chaowei Chen .

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