matrix or array composed by zero-values

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Hi, is it present a native matlab command able to verify if a matrix, or an array, given as input is only composed by zero-values? Often i use the find function with the condition matrix == 0 and then i check if the results of find function is equal to the length of the input matrix or array. Thank you!

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 15 Jul 2014
If M is the matrix or array, do:

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 15 Jul 2014
try with
any(all(M)) = 0 when every element of M equals 0
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Matz Johansson Bergström
Matz Johansson Bergström on 15 Jul 2014
Don't you mean all(all(M)) for a 2D matrix M?
M=zeros(3); M(3,3)=1; any(all(M))
M=zeros(3); any(all(M))
gives the same answer, which is 0.
all returns 1 if all elements of a vector is non-zero. 'Any' returns 1 if any element of a vector is non-zero.
any( all(M) ) will return 1 if at least one of the columns of M is non-zero and 0 otherwise.

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