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Why is the Network License Manager the only product available for installation?

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I am installing MATLAB, and after entering my File Installation Key (FIK) the only product which the installer makes available for installation is "License Manager."

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 1 Mar 2019
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 1 Mar 2019
The Network License Manager is included with every MATLAB installer due to its small size. If you are using a Concurrent or Network Named User license, your File Installation Key includes access to the License Manager.
However, the MATLAB data files are not included with the installer and must be downloaded separately. If you are using MATLAB R2014a or later, then the data files are downloaded during the installation process. Return to the first screen of the installer and select “Log in using a MathWorks account.” This workflow will automatically download and install the MATLAB data files.
If you are using MATLAB R2013b or earlier, the files must be downloaded separately. Return to the manual download page and download all of the files linked from that page, and place them in the installer folder. The files should remain in .zip format. All of the files on this page are required to complete a successful installation of the products you are licensed to use.
See the article “There are no products available to install from this location” for additional workarounds for this problem.


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Steven Price
Steven Price on 13 Aug 2018
AMEN!This has been the most frustrating install of MATLAB yet. Just trying to set up a Network share server for students to use for processing. Been working a week on it and still no closer..
Pallab Kar
Pallab Kar on 24 Apr 2019
@Mathworks : I am using R2018a version and it still only conatins the License Manager as product? How do I get matlab and other toolbox products associated with my license ?

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MOHAMMED IQBAL on 10 Jun 2019
Why has Mathworks made simple installation task an impossible task just to waste our time!? All the counless docs/ links do is make us go around in circles downloading installer and each time it gives us License Manager!? Can someone please tell me how exactly can install matlab without wasting any more of my time!?


MOHAMMED IQBAL on 11 Jun 2019
I found the easiest way is to just install using Mathworks a/c login then assuming you a/c has required license admin install is ok. Off-line install is broken and needs fixing despite using correct keys even the long one it just give License Manager which is totally waste of time!
Ilya Elenskiy
Ilya Elenskiy on 1 Aug 2019
Honestly, this is ridiculous: you design an installer which asks for an account or license key. The user obviously responds with a key as he has one - for the installer then to not let him install anything useful and not tell him that it actually needs an account to be of any use at all. What kind of UI design is that?!
Besides, why is it such a big propblem to provide a proper linux package or tarball rather then force the windows-like installers on linux users and make people work around all that to put it back into a proper package?

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