How to obtain different color graphs for a single matrix?

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I have obtained varying readings from a sensor in the form of a 78x3 matrix. I have named this matrix as data. Now when perform: plot(data) then I get three same lines. I need to know which are the readings of the first column, second column and third column and want different color for each of them so that anybody can understand it. How can I do it?

Accepted Answer

Jos on 17 Jul 2014
Strange, when I produce a 78x3 matrix using data=rand(78,3); and then do plot(data) it shows 3 lines in the standard blue, green and red used by Matlab.
But if it doesn't do the same for you, you can plot each column separately and give it a colour by:
hold on
add a legend by using legend('column1','column2','column3')

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