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which optimization function/algorithm do i use?

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Swarup on 23 Jul 2014
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
1) I have an objective function which gives heat extracted for a given borehole heat exchange geometry.
2) It has three variables geometry, length and distance
3)geometry variable can be chosen from 1:20 scenarios (only integers)
4)length variable has bonds [50,400];
5)distance has to be optimized
6)Objective function gives the amount of heat extracted for period of time
7)General behavior is that the larger the distance inefficient is the heat storage in given geometry.
Aim is to iterate as soon as possible to a the geometry which give maximum heat storage for an optimized distance between the boreholes.
could anyone please help.
Best wishes, Swarup

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 23 Jul 2014
I suggest that you do 20 optimizations, one for each value of geometry. The optimizations are over the variable x = [length, distance], where length has bounds. You can use fmincon to perform this optimization, as long as you have a function that maps x and geometry to the heat extracted. If you want to maximize this function, then minimize the negative of the function.
Alan Weiss
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