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How can I implement a BJT in SimPowerSystems?

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Kanishka Singh
Kanishka Singh on 23 Jul 2014
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 21 May 2021
I am trying to implement a circuit in SimPowerSystems, where I'm using a PNP transistor as a comparator (comparing voltages at its base and emitter). When it turns on, it turns on an NPN transistor which is used as a switch. I understand the switch can be implemented with an IGBT (where I feed the signal to turn on the switch, to the gate of the IGBT). But is there some way I can implement the PNP BJT used as a comparator? Are there any other ways to implement a comparator in SimPowerSystems?
Thanks. Kanishka

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 21 May 2021
This is part of an effort to clean up old unanswered questions:
For BJT's, these should be modelled in simscape as specialized power systems is designed explicitly for piecwise linear transistors like IGBT's and MOSFETs. If you really needed to, you could connect simscape to specialized power systems specifically for the BJT, but this will slow the simulation down more than doing everything in simscape.

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