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Osx Yosemite 10.10

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freebil on 26 Jul 2014
Closed: John Kelly on 22 Oct 2014
Public beta of OS X yosemite is out now. I installed this and now matlab doesn't work.
You can’t use this version of the application “” with this version of OS X. You have “” 8.3.0.
What can I do now? Thanks.

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platipodium on 26 Jul 2014
There are two fixes available on the net
- for Developer Preview 1: Change SystemVersion.plist
- for Developer Preview 2: Start Matlab from command line with alias to StartMATLAB
I have not been able to get Matlab working on DP 4 (the public beta) with either of those switches.
Kristian on 4 Sep 2014
UPDATE!!! Changing the SystemVersion.plist affects software updates. My computer didn't recognize that there was an update to the Beta until I changed it back. It doesn't do any damage, just FYI.

Balaji on 20 Oct 2014
MathWorks has released patches/workarounds for the two main issues(<>)
1) "You can't use this version of the application" error.
If you have the latest 10.39 or later update from Apple,this issue should not occur. But in the case that it does,you can use either of the two workarounds mentioned in the above link.
2)Java crash upon MATLAB.
This patch addresses the Java issue.
Accept/comment on this answer if it works so that other users can benefit from it.

Tom on 20 Oct 2014
Here is a patch I made from Mathwork's official patch. It works on versions prior to R2013b (unlike the official patch) without modifying the SystemVersion.plist. I've confirmed R2013a and R2012b but I assume others will work as well.
To install:
  1. Extract
  2. Right click on in your Applications directory and click "Show Package Contents"
  3. Place the extracted folder (named "patch") into the folder (alongside the existing jar and jarext folders)
You may still need to run Matlab by double clicking To avoid this you can temporarily change your SystemVersion.plist (as described in other posts here), launch Matlab, change the SystemVersion.plist back, and now Matlab will work by double clicking the .app.

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