To create and pop open an excel file

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KRUNAL on 28 Jul 2014
Commented: Image Analyst on 18 Sep 2015
Right now I am able to do calculations of two excel file data and output its result to the 3rd excel file which is already existing. Now I want to do two things :
  1. It should create a new excel file and store the calculated result in it.
  2. After storing the result in the newly created file it should open that new file on the screen,showing the results.
Can anyone tell me what script should I add to my existing code to get this kind of result?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Jul 2014
You say you already have the 3rd workbook, so for #1, why can't you just use copyfile() to make another one?
For #2, use the system() command to launch Excel workbook
system('D:\Matlab\work\Camera Noise Comparison.xlsx')

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 28 Jul 2014
the first one should be easy enough as you know how to read the first 2 excel files and you can write to the 3rd excel file. use the xlswrite but have an input name or generic name. the second one would be to use winopen() function to open the file in excel showing the results.
Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 29 Jul 2014
That is for you to decide.

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KRUNAL on 29 Jul 2014
Ok I got. Thanks Joseph!

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